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A Training Exercise on Civil Society


AEGEE-Europe contact in Stepanakert organized a training called “Civil society: Who does what, for whom?” on 12 December at the office of Nagorno-Karabakh Committee of “Helsinki Initiative-92″. The event was dedicated to the international day of human rights. The exercise involved discussion and negotiation about the rights and responsibilities of citizens, the government, NGOs and the media in a democracy. The main objectives of the event were:

1) To develop an understanding of the link between rights and responsibilities of society’s various sectors
2) To develop a feeling for the complex relations between the different sectors in a democratic system
3) To promote the idea of cooperation and civic responsibility
The exercise was facilitated by the president of AEGEE-Europe contact in Stepanakert and a member of the “Youth Peace Ambassadors” network of the Council of Europe Tigran Grigoryan.
AEGEE-Europe contact in Stepanakert would like to express special thanks to the coordinator of Nagorno-Karabakh Committee of “Helsinki Initiative-92″ Dr. Karen Ohanjanyan for support.

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