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About AEGEE-Europe contact in Stepanakert


We , a group of like-minded persons , from the city of Stepanakert , decided to begin the process of establishment of the AEGEE-Europe`s contact in Stepanakert. We find it very important and necessary to be involved in the networking between the students from all parts of Europe. Our country , without being recognized by any state, nevertheless is willing to increase its links with the outside world at the civil society level. We are deeply convinced that every person , no matter where he lives , should be aware of his essential rights and have chance to protect them. That is why we think and hope , that AEGEE can become a good platform for raising peoples awareness of their rights , by realizing different kinds of projects and initiatives. I suppose that becoming a member of International students` forum , we shall have opportunity to get familiar with the European experience in the sphere of education and particularly in the field of non-formal education and share this experience with other young people in our country. We are interested in promoting values of democracy, human rights and tolerance . Speaking honestly , a lot of people in our country still are not able to get rid of the influence of Soviet era on their mentality , which is actually multiplied by the horrible memories from the years of war and ongoing blockade of our country by Azerbaijan. That`s why , overcoming prejudices and stereotypes is another issue which we would like to focus on , in this respect we think that cooperation with other AEGEE contacts and Antennas in organizing different kinds of seminars , conferences ,summer camps etc. will foster our progress in the above mentioned spheres of activity. Besides, we believe, that we can really contribute to the successful realization of the aims and objectives of AEGEE , and we will do our best to correspond its high criterion .

Tigran Grigoryan
President of AEGEE-Europe contact in Stepanakert
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