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 Artsakhian (local) partners:

Consortium for European projects

European Movement in Artsakh NGO persuading the aim to be more effective in Artsakh-Europe relations has united its efforts with Artsakhian

«Foreign and Security Policy Council» Think tank and Stepanakert Press Club which has great experience in journalistic potential development in Artsakh.

Foreign and Security Policy Council was founded by a group of public figures of the NKR in 2008. FSPC was headed by ex-deputy minister of foreign affairs Masis Mayilyan.

The main aims of the council are as follows: to promote the accumulation of intellectual potential and to direct it towards the solution of actual problems by which Artsakh is confronted in the sphere of its foreign policy and security; to work out practical reccomendations for concerned governmental and non-governmental structures including holding public discussions on urgent problems of the republic. The council prepares analytical reports, publishes articles, commentaries and expert assessments.

FSPC is a network analytical structure and in the capacity of experts attracts not only local specialists but also professionals working beyond the borders of the republic.

According to the viewpoint of the members of the Council this work is unique for the NKR’s public and analytical union, it will enrich the foreign policy agenda with perspective ideas and initiatives. Participation of  the civil society in the formation of the republic’s foreign policy strategy will facilitate decision-taking directed towards the defense of the NKR’s national interests.

FSPC is concerned with doing European research work, studying various ethnopolitical conflicts and participating in regional investigation projects with their European colleagues.

President: Masis Mayilyan

Martouni str. 73, Stepanakert,

E-mail: mayilyan@yahoo.com

Tel: +374 47943810, +374 97270000


Stepanakert Press Club was founded in July 1998 as a Non-Governmental Organization in Nagorno-Karabakh. Over the past 13 years the press club has carried out activities in the following fields:

  • defending the rights of journalists
  • upgrading professional skills of journalists, disseminating the principles of the free and democratic media, as well as professional ethics
  • breaking the government monopoly over the mass media, assisting in building alternative systems of producing and disseminating mass information
  • regional cooperation between the journalists of the South Caucasus, starting cooperation between Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan in the area of independent information exchange, as a necessary step towards setting up measures of trust between the two societies
  • improving the Nagorno-Karabakh legislative base
  • assisting in establishing freedom of expression and freedom of information

The issues of strengthening bonds between the mass media and other institutions of civil society, in particular – non-governmental organizations, as well as increasing the role of the mass media in settling the conflicts of cooperation, have also become the priorities of SPC.

SPC contributes to the news bulletin “Southern Caucasus” issued by the International Journalists’ Organization and to the bulletin of the Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations of the Russian Union of Journalists. This activity facilitates an unbiased exchange of information with their colleagues from across Eurasia.

One of the major directions of SPC activities is improving media legislation. In 1999, SPC, with the assistance of the YPC, drafted a bill on mass media and lobbied it in the Karabakh Parliament. SPC also drafted a Bill on Radio and Television which provides for the transformation of State Television into Public Service TV.

SPC supplies specialized literature to the journalists as well as to the lecturers and students of journalism faculties of the local universities. With assistance of the affiliated organizations (such as Yerevan Press Club, Center of Extreme Journalism by Journalists Union of Russian Federation, MDI, ARTICLE 19, Conciliation Resources, Internews and other international organizations) Stepanakert Press Club has been able to regularly update Karabakhi journalists on the most recent professional publications.

In early 2004 “Demo” biweekly newspaper was launched by SPC with the financial assistance of Conciliation resources, UK-based NGO.

SPC  in cooperation with Conciliation Resources has published the monthly analytical journal “The Analyticon” since 2009 within the framework of the project European Partnership for the Peaceful Settlement of the Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh (EPNK).

Dialogue Through Film is a joint project between Internews Armenia, Internews Azerbaijan, the Stepanakert Press Club and Conciliation Resources, a London-based non-governmental organization working to prevent violent conflict and build peace in war-torn societies.

Participation in Other Programs:

Project of Open Society Institute Media Network Program


The Information Bulletin CAUCASUS MEDIA NEWS (published by the International Association of Journalists “South Caucasus”, within the framework of the project “Democratic development of media in the South Caucasus” under the OSCE aegis and with financial support of the Canadian Agency for International Development)



Supported by Friedrich Ebert Fund (Berlin)

SPC has cooperated with the Yerevan and Baku Press clubs, the InternationalAssociation of Journalists South Caucasus“, Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Germany), Article 19 British Organization, the Media diversity institute, Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations (RF) and other Armenian, regional and foreign organizations. SPC has worked in collaboration with the Conciliation Resources, Internews-Armenia and Internews-Azerbaijan implementing the Dialogue through Films project for four years. With the assistance of Conciliation resources organization, Demo public newspaper has been published for five years (2004-2008) in Stepanakert, being perceived by society as the only independent newspaper.


Organisation’s Background

Name of Organization:

Stepanakert Press Club (SPC)

Contact Information:

Martouni str. 73, Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh

Tel/fax: (+374 479) 94-26-93, 94-38-10

E-mail: bgegam@gmail.com

Legal Status:

Non-Governmental Organization

Date of Establishment:

July 4, 1998

SPC members – 30

Club’s President:

Gegham Baghdasaryan


International partners:


Information Centre Caucasus-Eastern Europe (Informační Centrum Kavkaz – Východní Evropa)  -  Czech Republic

ORER, Armenian European Independent Magazine, was established in September 1999 in Prague. The publisher is  Information Centre Caucasus-Eastern Europe international non-governmental organization with the editor-in-chief Hakob Asatryan. The bimonthly magazine not only covers the life of Armenians living in the Czech Republic, but also the community life, sports, cultural and political life of Armenians throughout more than 30 European countries of the world as well as the ongoing events in Armenia.

ORER (DAYS) highlights Armenian-European relations, bilateral diplomatic and political ties. Czech-Armenian projects, economic cooperation are widely covered,  interviews with Czech famous people, government officials and public figures are published.

Pages are devoted to the art and important cultural events taking plac ein Armenia & in Europe as well as  new books published, Armenian and foreign artists, musicians and writers.

ORER is distributed in 25 countries of Europe; the Czech Republic, Germany,  Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, France, Russia,  Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Cyprus, Holland, Belgium and others.

ORER information site functions from November 2012.

Web:  http://orer.eu/

Email:       info@orer.cz



Armenian partners:


Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (IDHR) is an independent non-governmental organization based in Yerevan, Armenia, registered in August 1999 under the Association Law of the Republic of Armenia.